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In compliance with the systematic relaxation of the lockdown our offices will open on the 4th of May 2020, and we will conform to and ensure all regulations are adhered to, to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our clients and staff during these times. We will do our utmost to provide our best service to all clients during these trying times.

For purposes of Phase 3 and 4 relaxation of lockdown, we will put the following protocol in place:

Only one third of our staff will be working from office on any given day. Remaining staff will work remotely from home. Staff working at office will also assist staff working from home with all functions that can only be conducted from the office.

  1. A Roster will be set up rotating staff working from the office and remotely from home.
  2. All staff will be required to wear face masks and be required to wash hands several times a day.
  3. We encourage all clients tending to our offices to also utilize face masks and sanitize their hands
    upon arrival and departure from our offices.
  4. All clients attending at our office will be screened for a high temperature or any symptoms which
    pose a high risk.
  5. As before, hand sanitizer will be available and utilized by all clients and staff before and after any
    interaction with each other and all common surfaces will be sanitized daily.
  6. Staff will be required to enforce distancing at the office and keep any close proximity interaction
    to a minimum. We have already put systems in place to limit staff’s contact in common areas.
  7. In an effort to function as efficient as possible, our offices will be open during public holidays.
  8. We thank you for your assistance and co-operation. Together we can move the country forward
    and build the new economy
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