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Meet our professional and reliable team

Louise Tonkin


Louise Tonkin obtained her B.PROC degree at the Rand Afrikaans University and is a qualified Attorney, Conveyancer and Notary Public. Louise Tonkin, founder and director of LOUISE TONKIN INCORPORATED.

She has a wealth of experience of over 25 years in the legal profession and has practiced for her own account for the last 15 years.  Louise Tonkin’s range of expertise covers an array of legal portfolios, including Conveyancing, Estates, Commercial and Corporate Law and Notarial work. Louise has a passion for the profession that is evident in her principles to uphold honesty and fairness at all times.  The diversity of Louise Tonkin’s work experience is vast, as she has,established her reputation and made her mark in legal field early in her career. She has, and is entrenching this mark by the active and exciting contribution she is making to the property sector by facilitating various training programs to uplift, educated and motivate the role players in the property sector.

Sarel Hay


Sarel Hay obtained his LLB Degree at the University of South Africa and is an admitted Attorney and director at Louise Tonkin Incorporated.

As a result of intense training in the field of High Court and Magistrates Court Litigation, his experience and knowledge in these fields place him on a level above the rest. He is hard working and has a astute, perceptive and calm demeanour which makes him an excellent litigant and asset to the firm.

Nanette Odendaal


Nanette Odendaal obtained her LLB Degree at the University of South Africa and is an admitted Attorney, Conveyancer and Notary Public.

Nanette started off as a legal secretary and with utter perseverance and commitment completed her legal degree and went on to obtain her Conveyancing and Notary Public qualification.  This makes her an excellent conveyancer as she has the best of both worlds, both from the practical secretarial and now attorney’s perspective.

Karabo Zondo

Candidate Attorney

Karabo Zondo obtained her LLB Degree at the University of South Africa and is being groomed into an excellent Attorney.  Her eager, gentle and uplifting personality makes it a pleasure to deal with her at any time.