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All about your Estates

“Estate planning” has been defined as the process of creating and managing a program, that is designed to ensure the most effective and beneficial provision for one’s retirement and financial support to your loved ones, once you are gone. An “Estate” is made up of the assets and liabilities that a person accumulates during his/her [...]

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Family Leave Responsibilities

Many employers are faced with requests for leave and are left with the task of establishing what kind of leave to grant an employee. Many employers mistakenly deduct leave from an employee’s annual or sick leave cycle, which should be deducted from an employee’s family responsibility leave entitlement. So, what then is family responsibility leave [...]

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The window period to transfer your property from an entity into your personal name to avoid Capital Gains Tax (CGT) is long gone. This article provides further information on CGT and records the rates as opposed to the averages provided in the previous article. VERY SIMPLY: As of 1 October 2001 CGT is paid on profits realised from [...]

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A customary marriage is a marriage that concluded in terms of Customary Law, which entails the customs and usages traditionally observed among the indigenous African peoples of South Africa and which form part of the culture of those peoples. Such marriages are now recognized and validated in terms of the Recognition of Customary Marriages Act 120 [...]

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In order for a dismissal to be fair, an employees’ employment must have been terminated for a fair reason (i.e. must be substantively fair) and executed in accordance with fair procedures (i.e. must be procedurally fair). Both elements need to be present in order for a dismissal to be fair in the true sense of [...]

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